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New soft banner from great artist MiniGtsLover
when all people from all ages, enter on amazonlove forum

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Tall females from Gtslvr want to recruit you for new amazonlove solutions

Will you be new customers for these taller bigger females from artist gtslvr?

Remember: we will need moderators 

Not a lot of job but moderation is needed all the time, against spams, phishing or in case of  guy not respecting simple laws

This super bombshell from our artist Minigtslover will convince you better than me for sure:

You wouldn't have major problems with this strong amazon, would you?
from Minigtslover

Previous banner offered by MiniGtslvr

Galiagan Mini-Giantess Amazon on this blog : clc on pic to see more 

An adorable pic from previous missed forum
Who is remeber the author?