Solutions for Amazonlove Forum connexion problems 

General problem right now :
Connect with your username 
instead of your mail

We try to solve this problem. Thank you for your patience.

1. You see the forum page, you have problem to login ?

A. If you used some uppercases on your login or on your email, please connect with the same 
uppercases  so enter 

Of course , you have to respect the same uppercases on your password

B. If you are sure of your login and password but you have the message  "Username / Password mismatch,
click on Home tab link to see if you see all the categories.

Some time, we have bad error message of connection

We try to solve that problem.

D. If you can't log , please try this link (instead of :

C. If the login problem still appears
please contact us by the form contact bellow 
with the same mail than the one you used to register on the forum
+ send us a copy of your screen 

2. A message error appears "This site can’t be reached. refused to connect".

A. verify you use address or
This address will then redirect to our secured forum 

B. If not solved, please test with an other web surfer 
(for example firefox, Opera for Mac, Edge, Chrome , Internet explorer...)
to test on this forum link 

If this OK with this an other web surfer:
a. clear cache on your bad first web surfer
b. If problem is always the same, clear cache + cookies on the bad first web surfer

C. if not solved, change easily DNS for more stableweb connection:
you will use 
 faster secure DNS from powerful Google servers:
Link to do that

D. if not solved, please contact us by the form contact bellow 
+ send us a copy of your screen 

3. You are logged on the forum but all groups had disappeared ?

Inform us as soon as possible. So forum administrators must go to admin section 
to edit again part "Allowed to View/See Category"

contact us by the form contact bellow, as soon as possible

Thank you for your interest.